Business Highlights

  1. ONLY Estate and Destination Winery in the greater Houston area!
  2. One of the 10 biggest wineries in Texas.
  3. Continuous production growth and  stable customer base.
  4. Award winning wines in all wine categories.
  5. Grandfathered for Madeira wines which means no other Texas winery can make and label a Madeira wine.
  6. Pioneer for award winning Blanc du Bois wines in Texas.


Business Profile

Our History


Haak Winery has been in business since 2000 and has established a stable and loyal customer base. 

It all began in 1969 on the 10th wedding anniversary of Raymond and Gladys Haak. Gladys’s gifts to Raymond that year were two Concord grapevines. What began as a hobby turned into a great passion. With these and numerous other grape varietals that came after them, Raymond tested which varieties would survive the climatic conditions along the Gulf Coast of Texas. A few years later, Raymond read about a hybrid grape variety that was resistant to Pierce's Disease and grew well in dry, hot environments. It was called Blanc du Bois.

Haak became one of the first wineries in the country to cultivate Blanc du Bois and has consistently produced many medal-winning wines.

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Texas Wine Industry



As of January 1, 2017, Texas is home to 400+ wineries and attracts over 1.8 million visitors annually. The Texas wine industry contributes over $13 billion in value to the state's economy. Over 95% of all Texas wines produced are consumed in the state. The Texas wine industry is a growing and dynamic industry.

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Greater Houston Area


 The greater Houston area, our major sales hub provides 7 MM + customers in a 60 mile radius, which includes Brazoria, Galveston and Harris Counties.  We are between Houston and Galveston right off Hwy 6, one of the biggest traffic corridors going south. Additionally, the development around the winery is growing strongly, providing more customers closer to the winery.

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Our Products and Services


Haak Winery is an all service and wine production estate winery.  

Haak currently produces twenty (20) different styles of commercial wines.

We produce Red, White, Rose, Port and Madeira wines. 

We host weddings, public, corporate, private, and culinary events. 

We operate various wine clubs. 

We operate a tasting / wine sales room and conduct winery tours. 

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What Haak Winery is known for


Haak is the only Texas winery that is grandfathered and can legally produce, label and sell a fortified Madeira wine.  There are only a few wineries in America that are grandfathered and allowed to produce and label a wine as Madeira wine.  This is paramount to owning a valuable piece of intellectual property and has a significant commercial potential to take the winery’s growth years into the future and plays a significant part in the winery’s commercial value. 

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Steady Growth



Haak wine production began in 2000 with a modest 1500 cases and has grown to a production capacity of more than 10,000 cases  in 2018. Our wines have won 100s of awards which contributed to our  stellar growth. Population growth, our wines' popularity, our broad  services to the region’s population has encouraged us to add production  capacity and winemaking equipment. 

Detailed financial and operational data is available to serious buyers.

Introduction to Madeira Wines

Haak Winery Introduction Video