Here is why we want to find new Owners

Haak Winery was built with passion by Raymond and Gladys Haak. This passion for the winery is still alive but the founders are close to 80 years old. The next generation is already involved in the business as well and care very much for the employees and the Texas wine industry. However, they too are approaching retirement age and have families and obligations pulling them in different directions. 

Raymond and Gladys feel strongly about the quality of their wines, the winery's standing in the community and the Texas wine industry.  They have had more fun and experienced so much as a result of creating Haak Winery and they hope to find new owners that can take the current operation to a new higher level and pick up where we are currently.

This is not easy for the Haaks, but they know it has to be done. 

What we are looking for

Business owner with passion for wine and especially for TEXAS WINES.